[Shows Pokemon Presents: Mario and Sonic: Teams of Destiny.1 week before the competition was announced a man named John Silverman who is wearing a black blazer with a red tie, and black trousers. Facial wise; he has sunglasses with  brown combed back hair. .He is at the Team Rocket headquarters.And is talking to Giovanni.The leader of Team Rocket]

Giovanni:Johnathon have you made the preparations for this competition.

Johnathon Silverman: Everything is as good as you planned sir.

Giovanni: Perfect.Are the teams already signed up.

Jonathon Silverman: Yes.All of their team colors are assigned as well Giovanni.

Giovanni: The planes for Altamare are they ready for the Teams?

Jonathon Silverman: The assigned colors,the planes,the competition.Everything is set Giovanni Sir!

Giovanni: We go to the Academy in 1 week to gather the assgined teams.The Soul Dew will be mine.

[Cuts to the Acadamey in Peach and Daisy's room.They are roommates.The Narrator explains the story]

Narrator: 7 Teams who are in a competition to win one million dollars,hosted by Johnathon Silverman are prepared for this intense competition.Peach and Daisy have been training since they first heard about it 1 week ago.Will they win this ultiamate battle? Find out today.

[Peach and Daisy are in their Uniforms for the Academy.The Acadamey is a training facility for Mario,Sonic and friends to be able to go on their Pokemon Journey]

Daisy: Eee!!! Peach this is so exciting,I can't believe their assiging students from the Academy.

Peach:Me too.Daisy make sure we have everything we need for the competition.

[Daisy checks her bag.Which has many hair products,lotions,and food snacks]

Daisy: Everything is checked.

Peach: We need to win this thing,Los Angelos California.[She Sighs] What a beutiful place to be in.

[Peach daydreams about her being in Los Angelos California,She is in a pink bathing suit]

Peach [Voice-over]: Being able to relax after such hard work.Tanning in the sun,swimming in the ocean.Eating some delicous foods.

[Cuts to Peach and Daisy in their roon.Daisy glares at Peach]

Peach: Eeee!!!!!!!!!

PA/Omochao: All students please report to the Audotarium,All students please report to the Audotarium.,Johnathon Silverman is here to assign the 7 teams for the competition.Thank you for your time to listen.

Peach: Come on Daisy!!!

Daisy: Alright,alright sheesh.

[Cuts to the Audotorium.All of the Students are in their,John Silverman is on the stage]

Johnathon Silverman: Everyone thank you for coming here on this lovely morning.The announcement for the official teams and official colors will be announced.But if this is a success this will be an annual competion.If one team wins the competition this year they will not be able to compete in the folowing year but will be able to compete in the third year.To win this compeition you must travle to Alta Mare and try and caputure the Legendaries Latios and must also capture the jewl the Soul Dew whoever captures these 3 things wins the entire competition.

[Johnathon Silverman has a list of the 7 teams.He is reading them in the mic.Peach whispers to Daisy]

Peach: This is it Daisy the moment of truth.

Daisy: I know.But isn't it a little strange to capture Legendaries? And a jewl.Something's suspicious.

Peach: All I want is that expenisive paid trip to Los Angelos.I can't wait to win.

[Cuts to Johnathon Silverman]

Johnathon Silverman:Peach and Daisy.You will be assigned as the Teal Team.

[Cuts to Peach and Daisy smiling.Everyone is wooing and clapping for them.They went on stage and got their team color shirt,bandana and sweatshirt.They had to stay on stage]

Peach: Thank you Johnathon

Daisy: Thank you.

Johnathon Silverman: Here are your seats you must stay on stage.After all of the teams have arrived we'll take a group photo outside.Now let's move on shall we.

[A montage begins.Johnathon is announcing the teams]

Johnathon Silverman: Amy and Jet,you guys are the Green Team.

[People were clapping and Amy and Jet recieved their team color shirts,bandannas,and sweatshirts and sat on their seats near Teal]

Johnathon Silverman: Blaze and Silver will be the Pink Team.

[Blaze and Silver went on stage and recieved their team color shirts,bandannas and sweatshirts and sat near Green].

Blaze: Well Silver looks like were teammates.

Silver: Woo!!!

Johnathon Silverman: Mario and Luigi will be the Red Team.

[People were clapping for Mario and Luigi.They recieved their team color shirts,bandannas,and sweatshirts and sat near Pink]

Johnathon Silverman: Wave and Tails you will be the Purple Team.

Wave: Great now I gotta be with short stuff.

Tails: Hey!

[Wave and Tails went on stager to recieve their team color shirts,bandannas,and sweatshirts and sat near Red]

Johnathon Silverman: Sonic and Wario you will be the Blue Team.

sONIC: Great,I'm partnered with the fatty.

Wario: Who you calling fat?

Johnathon Silverman: Enough fighting please come and receive your items.

Both Sonic and Wario: Fine!

[Sonic and Wario went on stage and recieved their team color shirts,bandannas,sweatshirts and sat near Purple]

Johnathon Silverman: Yoshi and Donkey Kong you will be the Brown Team!!

Yoshi: Oh this is so amazing.Yoshi!!!

Donkey Kong: I hope we win.

[Yoshi and Donkey Kong went on stage to recieve their team color shirts,bandannas,sweatshirts and sat near Blue]

Johnathon Silverman: And finally the final team.Knuckles and Rouge!! You will be the Orange Team

Knuckles: No!!!!

Rouge: Oh come on.Why do I have to get partnered up with this loser.

Knuckles: Watch your back.We're in this together for the competition.We're allies now we have to work together.

Rouge: You can have the Prize Money I just want that precious jewl.

[They went on stage to recieve their team color shirts,bandannas,sweatshirts,and sat near Brown]

Johnathon Silverman:This year's teams for this annual competition!!!

[Everyone in the audience were clapping]

Peach: Make sure to root for us!!!!

Daisy: Yeah what Peach said!!!

Johnathon Silverman: Now that the announcment of teams are finished we'll have them get ready for their thrilling adventure.You all may be dismissed except for the teams.I have to explain a few rules to them in private.

[The students were heading outside of the audotorium.Two females named Alice and Anna were directing them]

Alice: Single file please.

Anna: No pushing.No one wants to get hurt or pushed in the way.

[All of the students except for the Teams were gone except for Alice and Anna.Alice is in her early 20's and so is Anna.Alice has blonde hair and blue eyes,while Anna has brown hair and blue eyes]

Johnathon Silverman: Now here are the rules.

Knuckles: Great.

Johnathon Silverman: This competition is about team work.You can make alliances,however the 7 of you can not just form one big alliance.You can only form an alliance with one team if you have an alliance with more than one team you're pokemon will get a status ailment.The pokemon will be given to you once you arrive at the cars which can transform into airplane jets.You will arrive in 2 days to Alta Mare since were located in Hoenn this will take a long trip.Any questions? No al-right then.Make sure to get your team color shirts,bandannas and sweatshirts on.You have to report to your rooms.

[Cuts to Peach and Daisy walking out of the audotorium and into the hallway]

Peach: I can't believe were actually compeiting.And in Alta Mare.

Daisy: You know I never really thought we would be part in this compeition.

[Amy and Jet walk by past them and talk to them]

Amy: Oh please if you think you're gonna win this in your dreams.

Peach: You wanna make an alliance?

Jet: A pre made alliance?

Peach: I mean think about it.We could work together as one whole team.If Daisy and I win we'll split the money 50-50.

Amy Hmmm.

Jet: Screw it.Let's be the best alliance in this game!!

Amy: If Jet's agreeing I'm in!

Peach: So it's settled then.High-five everyone?

Green Team and Teal Team: Al-right!!!

[They high-fiver each other.Someday from the Black Eyed Peas plays a montage appears.Peach and Daisy are in their room packing their luggage.Daisy is sitting on the bed while Peach is packing her team luggage,Peach is talking to Daisy and wants her to help pack.Cuts to Amy and Jet who are discussing and preparing strategies for the compeition in their room.Cuts to Johnathon Silverman who is outside in the driveway where the cars are parked for the teams.He is checking the right order and is also using walki talkie talking to Goivanni.Cuts to Tails and Wave in their room arguing about who shoould be the Team Leader.Donkey Kong and Yoshi are in their room,Yoshi is jumping happily while Donkey Kong is smiling.Blaze and Silver already packed their team luggage and are headed to the parking lot.Sonic and Wario are in the Cafeteria.Wario has lots of food and is just eating everything and Sonic is disgusted.Knuckles and Rouge are practicing running in the Track and Field area.Rouge is racing Knuckles to a race.End of Montage]

[Cuts to the 7 teams in the parking lot,they see Johnathon Silverman in front of the cars]

Johnathon Silverman: These are your cars.They can even trasnfrom into a jet plane once they're in the air.It is set automarically.Here are the pokemon you will have for this competition.Peach you will have Vaporeon.Daisy you will have Serperior [He hands them the pokeballs].Blaze you will have Flareon,Silver you will have Alakazam/[He gives them Pokeballs.Donkey Kong you will have Machoke,Yoshi you will have Dragonite.[He hands them Pokeballs].Mario you will have Blaziken,Luigi you will have Sableye.[He hands them pokeballs].Wave you will have Skarmory,Tails you will have Pidgeot.Knuckles you will have Poliwrath and Rouge you will have Umbreon [He hands them Pokeballs].Amy you will have Clefairy,Jet you will have Tropius. [He hands them Pokeballs].Finally Sonic you will have Tauros and Wario you will have Muk.

Peach: That certainly fits.

Daisy: Well they both are disgusting.

[They give props to each other]

Johnathon Silverman:There will be Pokevices that will be able to tell your pokemon's moves and how much they have left including your oppenants.The pokevices are in the cup holders in your car/jetplane.May the best team win.

[The 7 teams went in their cars.The keys were in the car but the doors were already opened.The cars moved foward to the starting point.A robotic voice is heard from the speakers of the car.]

Peach:Daisy I'll drive or fly.

Daisy: Whatever.

[They put the Team Luggage in the trunk of the car and so did the other teams]

Robtic Voice:Good evening I will be your personal robotic assistant.

[Cuts to Peach and Daisy.Peach is sitting where the wheel is while Daisy is sitting on the passenger seat]

Peach: I love autmated stuff like this.

Daisy: Remember the time you prank called a Jenny Craig you didn't even want to do the automated voice's instructions.

Peach:That was 2 years ago I'm over that.

Robotic Voice: Competition starts in 20,19,18,17,16,15,14

[Cuts to Sonic and Wario in their car]

Robotic Voice: 13,12,11,10,9

Sonic: I hope you're good at driving Wario.

Wario:Are you kidding I'm the best.

[Sonic glares.Cuts to Blaze and Silver.Blaze is driving]

Robotic Voice: 8,7,6,5.

Silver: Why am I Team Pink.

Blaze: Pink looks great on you Silver.

Silver: Uhh you think [Silver blushes]

[Cuts to Teal's car]

Robotic Voice: 4,3,2,1.Begin!

Peach: Let's go!!!

[Pokemon Heroes I Belive song Plays]

Peach: Al-right!!!

Daisy: Hold still Peach ahhhhh!!!!

[Peach is driving as fast as she can.Green is right behind them,Purple is in 3rd,Orange in 4th,Red in 5th,Brown in 6th and Blue in 7th.All of the cars are in one singular line formation.Teal's car is about to go off a cliff]

Peach: Here it goes!!!!

[Peach accelerates as if she is crazy.Their car goes off the cliff near the ocean and transforms into a jet plane]

[Cuts to Sonic and Wario who are on the grass and are hitting trees]

Sonic: Wario I thought you were good at this.

Wario: Looks like my driving skills have been off latley.

Sonic: Tree,tree!!

['They hit the trees.They're about to fall of a cliff but the car immediately transformed into an airplane jet]

Sonic: Ahhhhhh!!!!!!

Wario: Fly's my game

[Cuts to Peach and Daisy who are in first place.The song ends]

Peach: Were in first place.Let's see the rankings.

[Peach touches the cars control settings with her finger]

Peach: Look at that Blue's far behind.

Daisy: And Green is right behind us.

[Johnathon Silverman appears on the control screeen]

Johnathon Silverman: This a message to all the teams.Your arrival in Alta Mare will be in 2 days.So if you're feeling tired or sore from the flying you can use an automatic pilot located on the left on the control screen.Once again may the best team win.That is all.

[Peach uses the control screen and sees event schedules for Alta Mare]

Peach: Check this out.There's gonna be a racing water competition in Alta Mare in 3 days.It says you need one water pokemon to able to compete.This is perfect for Vaporeon and I.

Daisy:Go for it.If we particpate in an event in Alta Mare maybe we can a special advantage.

Robotic Voice: You will not get an advantage.However the rules state you can participate in events in Alta Mare.

Peach: Hahahah.

[Cuts to Green in their airplane.Jet is flying the plane]

Amy: I can just sit back relax and let you do all the work.

Jet: If you were Sonic you would have been smooching all over him.

Amy: Sonic [sighs].Why is he partnered Wario the fat guy.

Jet: Well it doesn't seem they'll be winning this compeition.

Amy: You mean their in last place?!

Jet: Yes.Fortunatley were in second.Remember were partners with Teal and we can't form an alliance with more than one team.

Amy: But Sonic's the fastest hedgehog in the world.Were outmatched when it comes to running.

Jet: Please Amy.Little does he know he's wearing shoes that are equal to our running skills.So we have a little bit of an advantage.

Amy: Awesome!!!

[Cuts to Tails and Wave's plane.Wave is driving the airplane]

Wave: Tails I should be team leader I got better skills and smarts than you do.

Tails: Oh really.Who was the one that remolded Sonic's plane.

Wave: Please that was just a plane iit's not like you're gonna get an award for best molded plane.

Tails: Why are you always acting like this towards me.

Wave: Shhh.I am concentrating on my piloting.

[Tails glares at Wave]

[Cuts to Orange Team.Knuckles is Piloting the Plane]

Knuckles: I can't believe I am partnered with you Rouge.

Rouge: Oh well it's not so bad.All I want is the 1 Million Dollars.

Knuckles: All you want is the money?!! Ugh,great.

[The next day.The teams are close to Alta Mare and will be departing soon]

Peach: Look were almost there.And were still in first place.

Daisy: We should sky dive.You know like in those movies where they drop from the plane.

Peach: That'd be awesome but we shouldn't make a big surprise entrance,I mean people will think of us differently and oh my gosh!! The water competition is in 5 minutes!!!!

Daisy: We better hurry!!!

[Daisy presses the jet button]

[Cuts to Jet and Amy]

Jet: What the...

Amy: What's with Teal why are they going so fast?

[Peach and Daisy reach the water competition where the race is about to start]

Peach: Press the eject button!!

Daisy: Say what?!

Peach: Just do it!!

Daisy: Alright sheesh!!

[Daisy press the eject button for Peach]

Peach: Wooh!!!!!

Daisy: Oh lord.

[Daisy puts the automatic pilot on and presses the eject button]

Peach: Vaproeon go!!!!

[Misty and Ash and other contestants are on their riding boats]

Ash: Hmm.

Misty: What's that noise?

Peach: Yes!!

Daisy: Serperior go!!!

Serperior: Serperior!!

Daisy: Serperior Frenzy Plant!!!

[Serperior unleashes trees for Peach]

Ash: What kind of a pokemon is that?!

[Peach runs on the plants and is on the floor safely]

Peach: So.Am I late?

Ash: That was a surprising entrance.

Misty: Ash!!!

Peach: Vaproeon I'll strap this on you.

[Peach straps the line of the riding gear and goes on the starting line]

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